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Terms and Conditions for Customer


  1. 1. Providing the best service at a low cost.
  2. 2. Keeping in mind to save the time of the passengers or the need, so that they can book rooms according to their need.
  3. 3. To promote the online process.
  4. 4. Promoting Make in India

  5. Terms of use

  6. 01. Age Limit:- If the user is a couple, he should be an adult.
  7. 02. If a user comes with his family, it is mandatory for him to have his family ID.
  8. 03. The user must have ID proof with his photo. If any error or amendment has been made therein, it shall be the user’s responsibility. OMAYROOM has no responsibility for this.
  9. 04. For booking a room with the help of OMAYROOM, only Aadhar Card, Passport, Driving License is valid, and all these must be original. Photocopy of any ID is not valid in OMAYROOM.
  10. 05. To book a room for the entire family, it is mandatory to have a family ID along with Point 4.
  11. 06. OMAYROOM does not allow them at the hotel and the room if you have any Illegal Items (Any Drugs Or Any Weapons) In Your Baggage.
  12. 07. If any user is a criminal or by doing any illegal act of any kind, stays in the room of OMAYROOM and after checking his If any officer comes for this, then we are bound to help him.
  13. 08. If there is any misbehavior, accident or any incident with you in the hotel then you can contact the manager of that hotel or the nearest police station. Because OMAYROOM gives you the facility of online room booking only.
  14. 09. No illegal activities of any kind are allowed in the hotel. You should be aware that this could result in the hotel refusing to offer you room and evicting you from hotel .
  15. 10. You must pay the room rent online or at check-in time. If you want another service, please contact the hotel, for which you will have to pay a separate fee to the hotel. OMAYROOM charges you only for booking the room.
  16. 11. If a guest is going to visit a user or come, then it is mandatory to inform the Hotel about it. Otherwise, that guest will not be allowed to meet you, and that guest will have to give their ID.
  17. 12. If you have to meet someone or go out of the hotel for some work, then you have to inform it at the hotel reception, if any accident happens to you due to going out of the hotel then you are responsible for it. It will not be the responsibility of the hotel or OMAYROOM.
  18. 13. If you book room online or pay online and in whichever hotel you book room and hotel staff feel Hotel and OMAY reserve the right to evict you if you encounter any suspicion of illegality. and pay you will not be refunded.
  19. 14. If you wish to revise your timings after booking confirmation, you can contact the hotel or OMAYROOM helpline number or the hotel. You may have to pay extra for this.
  20. 15. User (gf/bf) couple should not belong to different state. It is mandatory to belong to the same state.
  21. 16. OMAYROOM makes it easy for customers to book a hotel room. The hotel mentioned on our site, which is all-good, will be provided.
  22. 17. The customer will be given their ID and Password to book the room through OMAY. Using which customer can easily rebook.
  23. 18. The customer himself will be responsible for misuse of the ID password provided by OMAYROOM. We can also take legal action on such act.
  24. 19. If users are under the age of 18, they cannot be accepted as a couple. If so, the user himself will be responsible for the same. Because OMAYROOM can only accept adults (aged 18) as a couple.


OMAYROOM can change these above things at any time as per convenience.You must read and know them in order to book a room. OMAYROOM will provide you better facilities keeping in mind your (user) privacy. OMAYROOM will make every effort to help you if a hotel has used your ID for false or illegal purposes. The hotel will also have to pay fine to OMAYROOM which OMAYROOM will decide.OMAYROOM does not give you the right to show any User ID to any hotel or at the behest of anyone working with OMAYROOM, as we assure users to maintain their privacy.

Warning :-

Omyroom only serves you to book a room in the hotel, Omyroom takes no responsibility of you or the hotel. If an accident happens to you or the hotel If this happens then it is not Omyroom's responsibility as Omyroom only helps you book the hotel/room. (OMAYROOM will not provide any facility to you if you do not fulfill these conditions. You must comply with Indian laws, if you don't, OMAYROOM does not take your responsibility. And if you don't, you may miss out on OMAYROOM's features)

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