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Terms and Conditions for Hotel

  1. 1. . If a couple comes to the hotel, then even after booking online, the hotel will check their ID.
  2. 2. If you notice an error or modification in the document or ID provided, the Hotel will decide whether you will share a room or not.
    OMAYROOM will not have any responsibility in this, and OMAYROOM's function is only to send the customer to the hotel through online mode.
  3. 3. The Hotel reserves the right to inquire or evict any User if any User appears suspicious.
  4. 4. . You may not introduce the user to anyone without permission. If you do so, you will be responsible for the same and OMAYROOM will not be liable for the same.
    If the hotel introduces someone to the customer without giving any information, then the customer can take legal action.
  5. 5 .OMAYROOM does not take responsibility for any of the user's goods. If you have taken responsibility for a customer's goods
    Hotels will be responsible for this. And in case of any kind of loss, the hotel will also compensate for the same. OMAYROOM IT'S ANYWAY will not be responsible.
  6. 6. . If a customer comes to the hotel illegally, or does any illegal work, or brings any illegal goods, then it will be the responsibility of the hotel and if the hotel wants, it can also inform the nearest police station. OMAYROOM does not oblige you to do so.
  7. 7. If the user fulfills all the conditions of OMAYROOM and HOTEL then there should not be any kind of misbehavior with the customer by the hotel staff.
    It is essential for the hotel to take care of the customer's needs and services.
  8. 8. omayroom will send the customer to you through an online mode, after that the hotel will collect the original ID from the customer.
  9. 9. It is mandatory to note the check-in and checkout time of the customer sent by omayroom.
  10. 10. The function of omayroom is to send the customer to you only. It is the hotel's responsibility to take his ID and check it.
    If the customer or his ID is invalid, omayroom is not responsible for the same.
  11. 11. If the Customer has not paid online, the Hotel will have to receive the full payment from the Customer at the time of check-in. Which OMAYROOM will calculate according to the time given to the hotel.
  12. 12. Hotel has to notify OMAYROOM as soon as the customer checks in/checks out.
  13. 13. If the hotel staff abuses the customer, the hotel will be responsible for the same and will have to replace the employees.
  14. 14. After joining OMAYROOM, the hotel has to provide OMAYROOM link and contact number on its online map location.
  15. 15. OMAYROOM customer should provide all facilities shown online by the Hotel (AS ON PAYMENT AND REQUIREMENT OF CUSTOMER)
  16. 16. The pay scale for the work done by the hotel will be within the stipulated period.
  17. 17. OMAYROOM does not charge any commission from the customers visiting the hotel directly/offline or through any other means.
  18. 18. The Hotel will give all your information to OMAYROOM in writing so that OMAYROOM ensures the promotion of the Hotel.
  19. 19. After joining OMAYROOM, the hotel has to remain connected for at least 45 days. If the hotel wants to leave OMAY before this period, it will have to pay 45 days. (as per daily income average)
  20. 20. To join OMAYROOM, the hotel has to be stamped and signed an agreement. In which the conditions of joining OMAYROOM and the facilities provided by the hotel to OMAYROOM will be written.
  21. 21. Once a customer's room is booked, if he/she makes any change in his/her check in/check out time through the hotel, the hotel will have to inform OMAYROOM immediately.
  22. 22. Tell the hotel OMAYROOM only those facilities that it can best provide. Don't add up missed amenities to promote the hotel unnecessarily. OMAYROOM does not allow this.
  23. 23. If a customer books a room/hotel at your Hotel on behalf of OmyRoom, you are obliged to provide the room to that customer.
    Failure to do so may result in the Hotel being fined by OmyRoom,
    or if so, in the event of a dispute between the Customer or you,
    Omayroom will decide the dispute for us and you are bound to comply with that decision.
  24. 24. omayroom does the work of taking the customer to itself through online mode only. Apart from this, Omayroom does not take any responsibility of any kind towards the customer.
  25. 25. In addition to all these conditions, certain conditions will be given in the contract file according to which our contract will be signed.
  26. 26.These Terms are subject to change at any time. Please keep reading. and the same terms and conditions as amended or any other new one shall apply.


OMAYROOM can change these above things at any time as per convenience.You must read and know them in order to book a room. OMAYROOM will provide you better facilities keeping in mind your (user) privacy. OMAYROOM will make every effort to help you if a hotel has used your ID for false or illegal purposes. The hotel will also have to pay fine to OMAYROOM which OMAYROOM will decide. OMAYROOM does not give you the right to show any User ID to any hotel or at the behest of anyone working with OMAYROOM, as we assure users to maintain their privacy.

Warning :-

Omyroom only serves you to book a room in the hotel, Omyroom takes no responsibility of you or the hotel. If an accident happens to you or the hotel If this happens then it is not Omyroom's responsibility as Omyroom only helps you book the hotel/room. (OMAYROOM will not provide any facility to you if you do not fulfill these conditions. You must comply with Indian laws, if you don't, OMAYROOM does not take your responsibility. And if you don't, you may miss out on OMAYROOM's features)

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